Ten Reasons why this Friday is AWESOME

Friday night is just a few short hours away, and to spread around the Friday love, I want to share with you a few awesome reasons why this Friday has my undying love.

1. It was announced this morning that the new novel by Robert Galbraith (a.k.a. J.K. Rowling) is being published on October 20 (just a week or so before my wedding! Great present J.K.!) and is called Career of Evil. What a great thing to wake up to on a Friday morning!!


2. This is something that now happens every Friday (which is AWESOME) – Kelly Landry and Ray William Johnson released a new TOP 6 video! (Haven’t seen Top 6 yet? You should check it out. Kelly Landry is a hilarious, smart and a feminist, plus she is a total babe!) We check out Top 6 every Friday night as a nice little ‘welcome to the weekend’ moment.

3. My family is going out to see the new JURASSIC WORLD movie which opened last night. We’re all pretty much die-hard JP fans, so this is a big deal. We’ve spent the week re-watching all the older movies (and holding ourselves back from reciting every line). *excited!!!*

*It’s a Unix system. I KNOW THIS!*



4. My sister and I are going to wear our dinosaur onesies to the movie. Yeah, that’s right, we’re dino-sisters.


5. Speaking of my sister, it’s her LAST EXAM today! Woohoo!


6. Aside from watching JP, we’re also going out to The Piano for an amazing dinner to celebrate my Dad’s birthday, which was yesterday. Bring on Fat Friday!!! (And Faturday. We’re a family that really likes to eat).


7. Cake. Specifically, this salted caramel and peanut butter cake that I made for my Dad’s birthday yesterday, and that I’m hoping to snag a piece of for pre-dinner tonight!



8. This MAC lipstick (cyber), because it’s awesome and badass and it matches my fancy Friday outfit.


9. The prints for my wedding invitations arrived in the mail this week, so I get to spend the whole weekend putting the invitations together. I decided to D.I.Y. the whole thing, and saved a bunch of money, which makes me super happy! The printing business I used WAS AMAZING. They’re called Impact Digital. Use them for all the things.


10. It’s now just slightly over a week until winter solstice (so the days will soon be getting longer), just under a month until my birthday (when I can finally eat chocolate again – I’ve been chocolate free since May 2!) and 140 days until our wedding (not that I’m counting. I’m not)!


So how’s that for a list of awesome things?? What’s awesome about your Friday? x


P.S. – I forgot to mention that an article of mine was published in the The Australia Times TATGIRL magazine last week – check it out!!

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3 thoughts on “Ten Reasons why this Friday is AWESOME

  1. Jacinta says:

    Love your list. There are lot of good things in the world! My favourite things on a Friday is the work biscuits at the end of the month. Every Friday we get Cheds which are my favourite savoury biscuit we get all week, then on the last Friday of the month we get Chocolate biscuits- Tim tams, mint slices and chocolate coated teddy bears. Its the small things sometimes that make you feel the best :) Happy Friday!

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