D.I.Y. Rustic Invitations

invite5I’ve had invitations on the brain these past few weeks! Even though it’s a little premature, I’ve been avidly browsing Pinterest for beautiful wedding invitation ideas. If I leave enough time, hopefully I can make them myself, although maybe it might be more beneficial to buy them and save myself some stress!

Anyway, in the spirit of invitations, I wanted to share with you some invitations I made for my Mum’s birthday last year. They were very easy to make at home – all I used was Microsoft Word, my home printer, cardboard, string and glue.


First I cut my thin sheets of cardboard into equal strips. I got 8 out of an A4 size sheet. I cut the corners off the top to create a ‘gift tag’ look, and used a hole punch to make a hole for the string. I guess I lied actually – I did also use a hole punch.


I worked out the area for the text and made a text box in Word. I typed in the invitation text, and played around with font sizes and spacing until I was happy. Then I made the background black and the text white, and hit print. I glued the text to the cardboard and we were ready to rumble.


It was my Mum’s idea to ask for people to bring a plate of food instead of presents. This is literally the definition of a win-win situation. It’s easier and cheaper for the host to put on a big party if everyone brings something to munch on, and the guests get to save some time and money too! Plus, the food. Never forget the importance of the food!


2 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Rustic Invitations

  1. Jacinta says:

    These invitations did look great and I love how simple everything always is. Big thumbs up for always being very creative and putting so much time and effort into projects that always end up amazing!

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