D.I.Y. Rustic Copper Kitchen Rod

Kitchen Rod Front1

You guys, I love this project. It ticks so many of my boxes – cheap, easy, minimalist and copper.

Is copper really so important, I hear you wonder? Well, yes. It’s just so warm and inviting and glow-y.  It makes your kitchen look like delicious and healthy things are made there. Basically copper is just a celebration of life. (too far?)

Anyway, I’ve been looking for ways to bring more copper into my kitchen, and to declutter/minimalise (is that a word?) at the same time. As has been the constant mantra in our house for the past few weeks, less is more.

Kitchen Rod 6

So this is what I settled on. I used a piece of 12mm copper piping from Bunnings, a 57cm Fintorp rail from Ikea (or, to be more accurate, just the wall fixings), two packets of Fintorp hooks, adhesive tape and white spray paint. The total cost of the project came to about $30.

Kitchen Rail 1

I spray painted the Fintorp wall fixings and hooks white without priming them, because I wanted to go for a rustic look, with a few chips of paint coming off. That was totally my plan from the beginning, and not just laziness that I later decided I loved. Totally.

Kitchen Rail 4

Kitchen Rod 10

Just a note on why I decided to buy an entire rail from Ikea and then just use the wall fixings: one, I already have one of these in my kitchen, so the fixings match, and two, they were much cheaper and nicer than anything else I could find at the hardware store or online. At first I tried some copper saddle clips from Bunnings, without factoring in that if the clips were flush against the wall, there would be no way to hang the hooks on the rail.

Kitchen Rod 8

From there, it was a simple matter of attaching the fixings to the wall, making sure they were the same height. I used adhesive tape because I didn’t want to do any damage to the granite splash-back.

Kitchen Rod 5

So that’s it – what do you think? I am loving it, and rejoicing in the fact that at least one half of my kitchen is now spotlessly clean!

Kitchen Rod 9

3 thoughts on “D.I.Y. Rustic Copper Kitchen Rod

  1. Jacinta says:

    Nice! I like your copper description as well. Surprising to know double sided tape is that strong! What an easy simple and sophisticated addition that could be put into any kitchen- nice work! :)

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