Tidy Tea Towels

On the whole, I love the way our kitchen is laid out. We have so many cupboards and drawers, there’s heaps of storage room.


I have the tendency to let a well organised cupboard descend into madness if I don’t have a good storage solution in place. Case in point? Here is a photo of the handy cupboard that lives right next to our oven. Those are clean, washed tea towels in there, living like rats. The shame
Oven cupboard

Last night, after folding the washing, I reached breaking point. I need to be able to stack my tea towels, I yelled in fury, while the other household members looked on in fear. Actually, they pretty much ignored me, but you know… 

Luckily, the solution was at hand. I had a left-over K-mart storage container from when I organised my pantry. I was saved
plastic container

The tea towels fit in the container so perfectly, it was as though they were made for it. Which, who knows, maybe they were.

Maybe they were. Tea towels folded

folded tea towels

And oh, how this contained changed my messy cupboard. Just take a moment, would you, and admire the clean lines. The easy access. The abundant, unadulterated space. Sheer genius. 

Tea towel holder

Even better? I now know exactly where the power points are for the oven and the dishwasher. This will make things so much easier next time the circuit breaker trips and I can’t find the switches! 

Tea towels folded in cupboard

And I learned something, too. I learned that I have approximately 24 tea towels. I would have guessed 10, max. 

I’ll add them to my list of things to declutter, now that I lead a clutter-free life*. Right alongside those barbecue tools (for the barbecue we don’t have) that you can see on the bottom shelf. 

*Not really a clutter-free life. 

One thought on “Tidy Tea Towels

  1. Anonymous says:

    One small solution can change your world! Glad you had a handy tea towel box on site to solve the problem. All your ideas are good ideas. Thanks for sharing :D

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