Rice Paper Rolls – September Short Projects

Rice paper rollsI thought I would squeeze in one last September Short Project before the month is over! I have really enjoyed doing these short posts (although some of them haven’t been that short!), and I think I will incorporate the idea into my regular posts a bit more.

Now, this post needs a disclaimer: don’t bother reading on if you are in any way already acquainted with Asian food. It would be like learning about engineering from a kid playing with lego. I’m a complete novice.

The inspiration behind this post was an amazing dinner that my friend Cammi cooked for us one night. Her rice paper rolls were to die for, and I really wanted to try them out for myself.

For the contents of the rolls, I decided on chicken, avocado, carrot, snow peas and vermicelli noodles. I chopped and cooked that all up (actually, the only thing I cooked was the chicken), and meanwhile, I got the rice paper sorted.

Rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls

You have to wet the rice paper (not too much), and lay it out to soften. It becomes very sticky, so the recommendation is to lay it out on moist tea towels, not overlapping. If you do overlap them, you might end up with this:

Rice paper rolls


Then it was an easy matter of assembling the rolls. I made a peanut dipping sauce to go with them, which I also stole from Cammi. I didn’t have a recipe, but I added peanut butter, hoisin sauce, soy sauce and garlic to taste, with a little dash of water to help the consistency. This was one of my favourite meals I’ve ever put together – it was so quick and easy, and, best of all – healthy!! It wasn’t as good as Cammi’s, but maybe one day! Other people’s cooking is such a great source of inspiration.

Rice paper rolls

Well that’s it for the September Short Projects everyone! If you’re feeling nostalgic, check out what’s been happening over the past month:

Here’s to a great October!!

12 thoughts on “Rice Paper Rolls – September Short Projects

  1. Jacinta says:

    You have been really busy! So many posts make me wonder what I do with all the hours in my day. Cool recipe, I must try this. If you want to try something else Asian dumplings aren’t too difficult (if you buy the wrappers pre made) :p

    • tamyraptor says:

      Haha I always buy the wrappers pre-made, I’m a cheat! I have tried Japanese gyoza before, but I just got a new AWW cookbook that has some other nice dumpling recipes, so I will have to practice some more! Maybe we can have Dumpling Tuesday one week ;)

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