DIY Gold Foil Ornaments

DIY Ornaments

Mario and I got our first real Christmas tree this year, to celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple. It smells so lovely, although I have to admit I keep worrying about it dying before Christmas, especially with a heat wave predicted in the next few days! So far it is as lush and green as the day we brought it home though. :)

We decided to go with white and gold ornaments this year, as a bit of a change. These gold foil Christmas ornaments add a bright touch, and they were so easy to make. 



D.I.Y. Gold Foil Ornaments



  • Ornaments (the ones I used were $4 for a pack of 12 from Woolworths – great value)
  • White spray paint
  • Gold foil
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double sided tape


  1. Spray paint your ornaments white (if they are not already white). Leave them to try for 24 hours or so. 
  2. Cut your gold foil to the desired shapes. 
  3. Glue or tape your designs to the ornaments. 
  4. Hang and admire. :)



Ornament 3


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