Like the rest of the world, I am having a bit of a love affair with succulents. That’s one good thing that came out of 2016, right?? 

I have been trying my hand at propagating lately (growing new baby succulents from old ones), and it’s so fun – and surprisingly quicker than I expected too. I love putting together little planter collections – I have one at work and a couple at home, so now I have started giving them to people as gifts. I made the one in the photos last year for a friend of mine at work.  Continue reading

D.I.Y. Turf Laying

DIY turf layingI know, I know, it has been SO LONG since I blogged last. I’ve been super busy with three big projects, but now 2/3 are done, and I can share this first one with you! :)

When we moved in to our home a year ago, the garden was a total disaster zone – I’ve written about it a few times in Gorgeous Garden Beds and Goodbye to the Garden (for now!). But there was still one thing left that was stopping our garden from looking great – the grass (or lack thereof). Continue reading

Re-Planting a Passionfruit – September Short Projects

PassionfruitSo, remember about a month ago when I did this:


Yeah, that was a fail. I was keeping an eagle eye on my passionfruit to see whether it would settle in it’s spot, and it didn’t. I suspect the reason is because it was too low to the ground to get enough sun. I noticed its new leaves starting to wilt a little, and thought I had better move it sooner rather than later.


Look at its poor, wilting leaves and feelers :(

Continue reading