Scrappy fabric cat bows


Due to my well-known status as an inveterate cat lady (or barren baby-hating witch* to my friends), I like to expend my excess maternal energy on my cats (which they just love, let me tell you).

*Note: I don’t actually hate babies. I actually quite like them when they belong to someone else, and have even been known to call one cute (shh don’t tell anyone). I can’t refute the witch thing though.


Case in point: the other week I decided that Sirius and Luna could do with a wardrobe upgrade, so I made bows for their collars. And it. was. adorable. (Then again, don’t we all think our babies are adorable?)



I used some batique scraps that I had left over from a jelly roll – I could never bring myself to throw them out because I love the colours so much, and now I’m glad I didn’t (#hoarderlife).


The bows are super easy to make. Simply cut your fabric to a rectangle the rough size of your bow, and place two pieces right side together. Sew around all the edges, leaving a small gap in the middle of one of the long edges so you can turn your fabric rectangle right side out. Smart tip: if you place the gap in the right spot, it will be covered by the middle loop and you won’t even have to sew it up.


Next, sew your middle loop. With a strip of fabric folded down the middle (right sides together), sew up the long edge and turn it right side out. Flatten it so the seam is in the middle of the strip you have made, fold in half (with the seam on the outside), and sew across the ends. Cut off the excess and turn your loop so the seam is inside, and voila.


Pull your fabric rectangle inside your loop and your bow is done. The loop can slide on to your kitty’s collar easily.



And I mean, I suppose if you want to be pedantic about it, this tutorial doesn’t just have to apply to cats. I guess you could also use it for other things, like dogs. Or you could slip a crocodile clip through the loop and use it for your children’s hair. Is that going too far? No?


Anyway, you should give this mini sewing project a go because it’s easy and you will feel accomplished. And in the meantime, all you other cat lovers out there (hello, my people!) can check out more of my babies on their instagram, Sirius_and_Luna! <3



Mum pls stop taking photos of me!

One thought on “Scrappy fabric cat bows

  1. Jacinta says:

    Simple, yet so effective. Love these types of projects. I want to make one for Pepper now ;) With winter coming you can make more extensive cat clothes / caps etc to help keep them warm as the weather cools down :p

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